While you are in the main directory pressing the star key lowers the volume a little each time you press it and pressing the pound increases the volume each time you press it, for the entire session.

  1. HEAR YOUR MESSAGES - During or after playing your message you can press any of the following to:

    1. Mark the message for deletion - The message can be deleted the next time you enter System Control.
      Note: When you listen to a message that has been marked for deletion, pressing 1 restores it as saved and pressing 2 leaveís it marked for deletion.
    2. Save the message - Will be reported as a stored message the next time you enter System Control.
    3. Repeat the message - The message will be repeated.
    4. Copy the message - You will be asked if it should be City forwarded in you have that feature. You will be asked for the OFX extension number that you wish the message to be copied to and given an opportunity to leave an introductory message, receive a conformation when the message is heard, mark it as private or have it played at a future time and date. Speed Dial 22221 to just copy it.
    5. Respond to the message - This will allow you to respond to a message left for you by someone else in the system, without having to call them. This is the only way to delete a message that has been marked, response required.
      Note: The ability to mark a message, as response required is a feature that is added to an extension with Broadcast capabilities.
    6. Message Information - Will provide you with information relating to the message; From where and when it was copied, Broadcast, rerouted to you and from whom.
    7. Rewind - Rewinds the message back 8 seconds.
    8. Pause - Pauses the message for 8 seconds.
    9. Fast Forward - Fast forwards the message 8 seconds.

  2. LEAVE A MESSAGE -- This feature lets you leave a message for any other user in the system and with City Forwarding, any other user in the Office Exchange network. Options for leaving a message are:
    Note: The option to City Forward will be asked first if you have the feature.

    1. Conformation - Plays the date and time that the message was heard.
    2. Privacy - Announces, prior to playing the message that it is marked as private.
    3. Response required - If you have broadcast capabilities, the option to require a response is inserted here.
    4. Future Message - Enter the Extension number, date and time that you want the message to be sent to you or anyone else on the system. Use this feature to announce Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wake up calls (with Recall) etc.


    1. Change your password - You may change your password to any 4-digit number you wish, at any time.
    2. Change your telephone - Used for forwarding, transfer and Recall. Itís the number the system can find you at.
    3. Greeting Options - This section lets you record your personal greeting or access the File Cabinet.
      1. Press 1 for your personal greeting.
      2. Press 2 for File Cabinet functions - You can create up to 10 messages in drawers 0 to 9
    4. Notification Options - These options are present only if you have the features. If only one feature is assigned it will replace the Notification Options choice on this menu.
      1. Press 1 to set Privacy (toggles on and off)
      2. Press 2 to set Paging (toggles on and off)
      3. Press 3 to set Recall (toggles on and off)

    1. Set your emergency number - This is an optional feature which allows you to forward calls to an emergency number.
    2. Forwarding options;
      1. Press 1 to forward personal messages to another Extension.
      2. Press 2 to forward Department messages to another Extension if you have permission.
      3. Press 3 to set City message forwarding (toggles on and off) Speed Dial423
      4. Press 4 to set City fax forwarding (toggles on and off) Speed Dial424
      5. Press 5 to set the City destination number.
      6. Press 6 to set message to E-mail forwarding (toggles on and off) Speed Dial426
      7. Press 7 to set fax to E-mail forwarding (toggles on and off) Speed Dial427
      8. Press 8 to set direct fax (toggles on and off) Speed Dial428
    3. Maintain timed greetings - This feature lets you set times to play the greetings in the File Cabinet.

  5. CHECK ANOTHER EXTENSION - Check another Extensions message, without having to hang up and call again.
    1. Receive your faxes now - If you are calling from a fax machine, you can receive them live.
    2. Send to your default fax # -- As programmed in step 4.
    3. Send to a temporary fax number - Lets you enter a number to send to.
    4. Change your default fax # -- Any time any number.
    5. Mark your faxes for deletion - Gives you the option of deleting all your faxes.