The Interactive Voice Response Expert Systems work like conventional question and answer expert systems, but they are provided directly to callers over ordinary voice phone lines. Questions are asked by the OFX System and the appropriate answers are provided by the caller pressing touch-tone keys.

An Interactive Expert System has the advantage of delivering more precise answers than the "shotgun" approach of non-interactive systems. Also an OFX System can appropriately transfer the caller to a human technician for an especially complex or unique situation. In some instances an interactive response might close additional sales.

Sometimes a Help Desk solution requires the caller to, try a solution and then call back. This could be tedious for both the caller and the Help Desk to call back and then re-describe the troublesome situation. Or it could keep the Help Desk person unavailable, or waiting on the phone for over 15 minutes. However, with the OFX Interactive Voice Response Expert System, callers could go right back to where they left off.